Three Essential Steps For The Control Of Termites

The word "termite" is a nightmare for homeowners because these insects can cause excessive damage to a house. Identifying these pests, contacting a professional pest control company and preventing future infestations can keep homeowners termite free. Read the information below to learn more about the three important steps of termite control.

Termite Identification

It's important for homeowners to be able to correctly identify termites so they'll know if they have an infestation. Termites look similar in appearance to winged ants but termites have four matched wings, six short legs and their antennae are erect instead of bent. Termites will appear dark brown or almost black and they don't have a segmented body.

Another strong sign of a termite infestation is the presence of narrow mud tubes that are attached to the outside of the home's foundation. Termites will also leave their droppings in areas where they've been eating and their waste will resemble a pile of sawdust because of the wood they eat.

Termite Extermination

Homeowners should never try to get rid of a termite infestation on their own. It's best for homeowners to contact a professional Pest Control company when they first suspect that termites are in the home. A qualified technician will first identify the insects and then determine the extent of the infestation.

Once termites are positively identified, a technician can begin the plan of attack. Exterminators may use a foam product that gets rid of termites, a liquid solution or a combination of both. After a qualified technician finishes the treatment, homeowners will be free of termites.

Termite Prevention

When the termites are eradicated by an experienced professional, homeowners should take the necessary measures to make sure that termites won't infest their home again. These measures include getting rid of any old firewood or dead tree stumps that are near their home. Since it's imperative that termites have moisture to live, homeowners should repair any water leaks inside and outside of the house.

Homeowners should also regularly examine the areas around their windows and doors to make sure there aren't any cracks where termites could enter. Applying caulk or weather stripping around these areas will keep the termites out. Homeowners should also periodically contact a professional exterminator to inspect their home for termites and other pests.

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